Offering yoga and Pilates trainings at our wellness studio is truly a passion that emanates from our core values. These practices go beyond just physical exercises; they embody a philosophy of nurturing both the body and the mind.

Yoga and Pilates Trainings

Thrilled beyond words to introduce this incredible course to all of you!  Guided by the expertise of Truth Robinson, this journey into the realms of Yin Yoga, TCM, and anatomy is bound to be an enlightening and transformative experience. Get ready to embark on a path of holistic wellness like never before. 

Yin Yoga TT with Dr. Truth Robinson

Early Bird Before Oct 1st $1099
After oct 1st $1299


Course is spread over 2 Weekends
Weekend 1: 20-22nd October 2023
Weekend 2: 28-29th October 2023
Class Times 9am - 6pm


Truth Robinson has been living and breathing Yoga since he discovered it in 2001, always ensuring to live yoga off the mat as well as the practice on the mat. Growing up with a keen Buddhist meditator father, Truth was inspired to undertake his first of many 10-day silent meditation retreats. The stillness he discovered created a conscious shift in all aspects of his life which brought him to yoga a few months later.

Truth’s yoga journey began with Ashtanga in Brighton & Edinburgh, UK. Then over the next several years spent significant time studying Agama Tantric Yoga (Thailand), Sivananda Yoga (India), Iyengar Yoga (India) until finally settling into Satyananda Yoga of the Bihar School of Yoga, the world’s first Yoga University started by Sw. Satyananda a foremost disciple of Sw. Sivananda. In 2011, Truth formally completed a 2 year and 1,500+ hour Diploma of Satyananda Yoga Teaching, which delved deeply into pranayama, chanting, bandhas, meditation and philosophy.

A few years of teaching inspired a shift to the healing arts and he completed his qualifications to become a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2014. Since graduating, Truth has become a registered and practising Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist and runs a clinic in Sydney called Akasha Integrative Health.

Through the rich tapestry of experiences and his varied education, Truth has become a passionate Yin yoga teacher trainer. He completed his Yin yoga teacher training with Bernie Clark & Jo Phee both foremost students of Paul Grilley. His in-depth functional anatomy knowledge has come from his work as a bodyworker with significant influence from Dr Robert Schleip and Duncan Peak's functional anatomy trainings. Through his extensive Chinese medicine training, Truth has developed a unique style of Yin yoga theory based on the Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor's Classic) and his study with Dr Wang Ju Yi (China) and Dr Robertson (USA). Truth’s classes leave you feeling energised and inspired to make significant changes emotionally and physically in your life.

Through his education, his style has developed to ensure that students receive a physically complete practice, whilst also looking deeper into the layers of your consciousness and offering the opportunity to peel back the layers to glimpse the light within.

This program is open to dedicated yoga students who want to explore Yin Yoga more or for Yoga teachers wanting to deepen their knowledge of Yin yoga.

This training will explore the merging of Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine into the blissful practise of Yin Yoga. Over this 5-day 50-hour Yin Yoga teacher training or immersion, you will slow down and break free of your normal routine to sit in a new way of beingness.

The popularity of Yin Yoga has been on the rise, signalling a yearning for people to dive deep within their inner landscape. This training will unfold the fundamentals of the practice of Yin Yoga and combine it with the secrets of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This merging will enable a potency to your practice and teaching skills that will enhance the lives of you and your students to ultimately blossom into a more holistic experience of being. You will be vibrating on a whole new plane afterwards!

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