Our Rehab Series are reformer based, exercise classes that go for 5 weeks.
Each series has a focus in which the classes are centred around to make improvements to the stability & function of the joint/area.
You will be given specific exercises to continue at home throughout the series. These courses are ran by a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist and are eligible for private health rebates.

Better Backs - A Rehab Series

Statistics tell us that 84% of people will suffer from back pain at some point in their life. When that once off becomes chronic, it effects our life both physically & mentally. The good news is there is a lot that can be done to both prevent and improve back pain. In this 5 week course we will strengthen the muscles of the core, back, and hips, we will learn to breathe better & why it is important for back pain, and learn strategies to manage or prevent future episodes of pain.

Better Backs

$150  * Eligible for private health rebate 




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