The Story of Rhythm Wellness

After many failed attempts at securing a premise, Darla & Jason secured our current building in 2022. When you visit Rhythm, our hope is that you feel welcome, supported, and inspired.

Darla’s passion to teach people to move better, heal, & prevent injury spurred this dream. Jason enjoyed yoga & pilates and could feel the positive effects in his own body but always felt out of place. Most studios he tried were geared towards women and not many men in the classes. Talking to his friends he soon realised he was not alone. Many of them wanted to try yoga but were intimated. He wanted to create an environment where men felt comfortable.

Jason and Darla met while both living in Coolangatta 9 years ago. In that time, they travelled, explored, and lived abroad while Darla taught at a Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. While overseas they began dreaming of starting a studio to combine both of their passions of fitness, yoga, meditation, health, and building a like-minded community.

Rhythm Wellness Studio is an escape from the hustle of everyday life. Let the relaxed atmosphere transport you to another place, a place that allows space for you to be present.

The design concept behind Rhythm Wellness Studio was created from a love of travel and those special places in the world that make you feel a deep level of tranquility & contentment.

Wherever your special place is, we hope Rhythm will transport you to the feeling you get in that happy place and add moments to pause throughout your week to help stay in the flow of the ups & find your natural rhythm.

The studio

I have been in the fitness & health industry for over 10 years and I am passionate about sharing my love for movement and wellness. I graduated from the University of Hawaii with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise & Rehabilitation Science and Bond University with a Doctor of Physiotherapy.

I love pilates and yoga not only for the practice but the benefits & how it makes me feel.

When I have a regular practice I feel stronger kiteboarding, my breath capacity increases which helps when I am surfing, and I feel more energetic and productive.

Hello! My name is Darla
& I'm so excited to share
Rhythm Wellness with you! 

Co-Founder + Physiotherapist

- Darla Baldwin, Founder

I want you to see and feel the whole range of benefits and results that can be achieved when yoga and pilates are taught in a way to promote change (both physical and mental). I encourage clients to be mindful and challenge themselves with out injury.

Mindful Movement

As a Physio I found it frustrating having clients come in on a regular basis broken and injured due to pilates and yoga being taught poorly. It became my dream to open a studio to showcase that you can have fun, interesting classes whilst still maintaining the key principles such as breath, focus, precision, etc. 

In addition to offering classes that get results, I dreamed of a space where all services needed to reach your fitness, health, and wellness goals, could be found under one roof. I am excited for you to experience all we have to offer!

Rhythm is an all inclusive pilates and yoga studio located on the Gold Coast- providing you with physiotherapy, dietetics, exercise physiology, remedial massage and more to help you meet your
Health & Wellness Goals.

More Than a Fitness Studio