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Rhythm is an all inclusive pilates and yoga studio located on the Gold Coast- providing you with physiotherapy, dietetics, exercise physiology, remedial massage and more to help you meet your
Health & Wellness Goals.

More Than a Fitness Studio

Hello- I'm Hollie! 

Over my 20 year teaching career, yoga has taken me around the world, from teaching on the 77th floor at a studio in Hong Kong, to the beaches of the Caribbean, and the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  I consider sharing my love of all things yoga to be a privilege and an honour, ultimately yoga teaches us to slow down, as we heal and nourish ourselves through movement.

I have a deep understanding of how to support my students regardless of their experience, I have spent decades developing my skill set, so I can best serve my students. I also have qualifications in health science, yogic philosophy, massage, reformer and mat pilates, yin yoga and pre and post natal yoga.

Look forward to meeting you on the mat Wednesday 6pm and 7.15pm

Hello- I'm Serene!

I love teaching yoga and I'm training as a yoga therapist. I initially started practising yoga as a form of physical exercise and quickly realised the realm of benefits the practice offers. I enrolled in my first teacher training simply to learn more about the practice and started teaching to share these incredible benefits. My intention when teaching is to empower students to find presence, to connect to their bodies and their intuition, so they feel confident and are free to flourish in a safe environment.

I can't wait to see you on the mat!

Hi- I'm Shannon!

I've been doing reformer pilates for 7 years and teaching for 3 years and I am absolutely obsessed with it!

My goal for my clients is to give them power and understanding to manage and prevent injuries from returning. Training should push you physically but each session should still be fun and exciting. I try my best to ensure all my classes have great energy and are led in the most engaging and fun way possible. The best part about reformer pilates is that its challenging and enjoyable at the same time!

 See you on the reformer!

Hello- I'm Lauren!

I love teaching yoga and pilates- and I absolutely love to combine pilates fused with yoga & functional movement even just for my own personal practice.

I started practising when I fell pregnant with my daughter because it was so gentle on my body whilst still being able to maintain strength. What really sustained my belief in these modalities was when I had to rehabilitate myself from spinal surgery many years ago. The power of Yoga and the connection with breath really got me through the tough days and Pilates allowed me to slowly build my strength back.  

See you on the mat!

Hi- I'm Simone!

Simone facilitates a space where everyone feels encouraged to move in a way that feels right for them, she meets people where they are at. Focussing on building your capacity to move fearlessly, Simone’s Pilates classes are enriching and supportive with each session crafted to nourish your mind while increasing your strength and mobility. You will finish each session feeling seen, energised and accomplished, ready to explore more moves in your next class!

Hi- I'm Stephanie!

Stephanie found pilates after a professional dance career that was shortly ended due to injuries. After completing her Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction in 2016 she is governmentally recognised to provide exercise rehabilitation to both acute and healthy populations through mindful movement. In furthering her education, she has completed her undergraduate in Exercise Sports Science and has continued her studies into a Master of Physiotherapy. Her goal is to continue to help people move optimally and mindfully. She is known for her attention to the hips, pelvis and lower body stability, but you surely wont forget that after one of her classes.

Hi- I'm Katherine!

Yoga has been part of life for almost 20 years, however the time was right in 2015 to finally get my 200 hr YTT qualifications, which were closely followed by my 300 hr qualification too. Both trainings were completed in Bali and since 2015 I’ve taught consistently for 5+ years as a freelance yoga teacher, Yoga Studio Manager and the opportunity to teach overlooking the Indian Ocean in Sri Lanka. I’ve been a lover of vinyasa and power/stronger classes over the years, however now more so I love a slow flow, longer holds cultivating breath awareness and shifting energy through the body and yin yoga.

My teaching creates space for people to explore their individual practice, through their breath and body/mind connection, and to work safely with their own bodies guiding the principles of alignment. I enjoy the creative space teaching provides as well as they challenge of using and teaching techniques to enable a wise progression of movement to take people on the journey to the self.
Passionate about living an empowered life personally, and helping others to do the same, I’m a Transformation Coach and use principles of yoga and mindfulness as well as many other modalities to shift perspectives and energy within to support people in their personal transformation and growth journeys.
Looking forward to meeting soon!

Hi- I'm Maggie!

I'm a yoga teacher and my classes are grounded in honouring the body. Through my experiences as a nurse and midwife, my main priority is to facilitate a space which nourishes the mind/ body connection. Woven through my classes- is the subtle power of intuitive movement, following the breath on the path to discovering inner strength and calm. Our hour together will be spent diving deeper into the practice of yoga, leaving the room feeling supported and expanded.

I first practiced yoga about 10 years ago. Since then, my practice has always been there in the background to lean on and find solace. After I began to dive deeper, I have grown a never-ending curiosity to further understand the teachings and intricacies of yoga, and find so much joy in sharing that with others.  

I can't wait to see you on the mat.

Hi- I'm Natalie!

I'm a pilates instructor at Rhythm Wellness. In my classes you can expect to experience a little creativity, a little hard work, and a lot of fun. I love to hear client goals and tailor their experience in the class to match. I truly believe Pilates can change your life.

I started practising while in London from 2017 - 2019. I found my passion in allied health by working alongside physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, dieticians and many more wellness services in administrative positions. I am now an Osteopathy student at Southern Cross University, but completed my Pilates training as a stepping stone – I love how they just fit so well together!

See you on the reformer!

Hi- I'm Danny!

Born and bred on the GC and Dad to two gorgeous girls. I am super passionate all things health, fitness and well-being, I’m always down for a high 5 and a big time love of nature, getting lost in trees and coated in salty air. I am a human being here to experience the magic and epic-ness that life is - Yeewww!

Hi- I'm Kirra!

Kirra is a passionate Exercise Physiologist who strongly believes movement is medicine. Completing her studies on the Gold Coast at Southern Cross University, graduating with a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology and a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science. She is also a certified clinical Pilates instructor.

Kirra uses a combination of modalities to treat her clients, such as fundamental movement/patterns, functional training, biomechanical assessment, body weight mobility, self-release techniques, Pilates and clinical exercise. Education and evidence based exercise prescription is a strong focus point of Kirra’s practice. She believes any chronic or acute condition, injury and especially pain, should not be lived through or become ‘normal’, as there is always underlying factors which can be addressed with the right treatment. She understands every client is an individual and tailors their own specific programming. Kirra will always endeavour to achieve the clients, practitioners and rehabilitation goals that are set. She enjoys working on improving pain management, prehab, rehabilitation, athletic performance, working on detrimental movement patterns that have occurred over time, improving quality of life and activities of daily living.

Kirra enjoys functional movement and exercise and is continually expanding her knowledge for herself and her clients. Practicing what she preaches and always up for a challenge, Kirra lives an active lifestyle, has a regular training regime and enjoys herself playing different sports. 

Hi- I'm Riley!

It's my passion to work with people and help them realise their optimal state of well-being and abundance. 
In my compassionate and holistic approach to physical therapy, I aim to provide thorough assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain, as well as advice on nutrition and lifestyle to ensure permanent and sustainable positive change.