Our Mission

Rhythm Wellness was created from a desire to provide accessible
and welcoming movement classes
& therapies.

Our mission is to provide a welcoming and nurturing environment to empower you to reach your health & wellness goals.

Our vision is to cultivate a supportive, positive community where both men and women of all ages feel comfortable to come
learn and grow together. 

Our Mission & Vision

Rhythm Wellness Studio is an escape from the hustle of everyday life. Let the relaxed atmosphere transport you to another place, a place that allows space for you to be present.

The design concept behind Rhythm Wellness Studio was created from a love of travel and those special places in the world that make you feel a deep level of tranquility & contentment.

Wherever your special place is, we hope Rhythm Wellness will transport you to the feeling you get in your happy place and add moments to pause throughout your week to help stay in the flow of the ups & downs and find your natural Rhythm. 

The studio

Rhythm is an all inclusive pilates and yoga studio located on the Gold Coast- providing you with physiotherapy, dietetics, exercise physiology, remedial massage and more to help you meet your
Health & Wellness Goals.

More Than a Fitness Studio