- A Thorough Assessment to find the root cause of the problem

- Educate & make sure you understand what is going on

- Treatment- we have a large range of techniques to assist with providing pain relief & fixing the underlying cause 

- Prescription of exercises, stretches, or techniques that you can do at home

- Prevention- we will educate and provide recommendations on how to avoid it happening in the future

Physiotherapy is an evidence- based approach to treat and prevent common injuries and movement dysfunctions.
Our aim is to restore & optimise our client’s function and overall wellbeing.
We treat the body in a holistic manner to find the root cause of the issue not merely treating the symptoms. 

Physiotherapy Currumbin | What is it & how we can help you

Initial Assessment 

We accept private health, Bulkbilled Medicare Chronic care plans, DVA, Workcover QLD & Workcover NSW

We have a large range of techniques to assist with providing pain relief & help fix the underlying cause including but not limited to: soft tissue massage,  trigger point therapy,  dry needling, joint mobilisation, exercise prescription, and  lifestyle modification recommendations.


Physiotherapy Can Help With:

Our therapists are experienced in treating a large range of conditions including:

Back & Neck Pain

- Acute back pain
- Chronic back pain
- Neck pain
- Wry neck
- Sciatica

Acute Injuries 

Shoulder Pain 

- Sports injuries
- Acute sprains & strains
- Ankle injuries
- Knee Injuries
- Groin Injuries

- Rotator Cuff tears
- Impingement
- Bursitis
- Surgical prehab & rehab 

Overuse Injuries

- Tendon injuries &
- Tennis Elbow
- Golfers Elbow
- De Quervains
- Plantar Fasciitis
- Tenosynovitis


- Cervicogenic headaches
- Tension headaches
- Cluster headaches
- Migraines 

Jaw Pain

Injury Prevention 

- TMJ dysfunction
- Postural Issues  

- Postural improvement
- Sports enhancement 
- Mobility assessment

Chronic Pain

- Fibromyalgia
- Back pain
- Disc herniation
- Osteoarthritis 

If you are ready to get the education, support, & tools to experience
change and start feeling good in your body, book now to get started.