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Yoga at Rhythm Wellness

Yin yoga is a beautiful practice where poses are passively held for 3-5 minutes to effect deep connective tissue and calm the nervous system. You will float out of the class relaxed. This class is gentle & nurturing. Great for people who feel like they are always tight or need positive ways to cope with the stresses of everyday life. Beginners welcome and no previous experience necessary.

 • yin yoga •

Vinyasa is a breath led practice that is intellectually sequenced to promote balance in the body. This flow yoga class will allow you to move your body through its range of motion. All levels are welcome but recommended to be injury-free for this dynamic class.

 • Vinyasa yoga •

While most people know meditation is beneficial, it can be a daunting practice to implement. This class gives you the opportunity to learn and practice the art of training your mind & focusing your awareness. This class encompasses a variety of techniques and types of meditation. Everyone is welcome from the absolute beginner to the seasoned meditator. 

 • Meditation •

Restorative will guide you into deep rest through supported postures. We will melt tension and soften the mind, creating a body mind reset to help you start the new week feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Regular deep rest is the best gift you can give your nervous system. This class is suitable for all levels and physical capabilities. 

Surfers Yoga is a  vinyasa yoga class  with special focus on hip mobility, core strength, thoracic mobility, shoulder stability, and balance to help improve your surfing and reduce risk of injury. 

*All levels are welcome and non- surfers. This class is also great for golfers, tennis players, and office workers. Surfers Yoga is a great way to add more balance in your body.

 • Surfers yoga •

Hatha yoga is a slower paced class that focuses on the entirety of yoga. In this class you can expect less chaturangas and to hold the postures for longer periods. Everyone can benefit from Hatha Yoga from experienced practitioners to beginner yoga practitioners. This class is also more accessible to those with physical limitations and injuries. Come sink into all yoga has to offer with us in Hatha.

 • Hatha yoga •

 Mat Pilates & Barre + Roll & Release

Barre is a blend of pilates and traditional ballet moves to leave you with the ultimate burn. It is a combination of lengthening and  strengthening in a functional manner to help you move better throughout your week. 

Mat Pilates is a class that utilises body weight and small equipment to strengthen & lengthen.  Mat Pilates helps to improve core strength, coordination, balance, and posture. Come feel muscles you didn't know you had and leave feeling stronger.

Come and give your muscles some much need attention. This class is focused on re-aligning the body through a combination of stabilising exercises and soft tissue release through use of trigger point balls, foam rollers, and stretches. Strengthen, Stretch, and Roll & Release any tension, plus learn ways to apply these tools in your everyday life to function and feel better. 

Equipment Intro Special

Come experience how good you can feel in your body
and try our Reformer & Circuit Classes with
6 Equipment classes for $60

We know sometimes group classes might not be appropriate, whether you have an injury, do not feel comfortable in a group class, or have specific goals you want to work on.
Our semi-private classes are a perfect option. With only 4 people per class, you get an individualised attention and a  workout specific to your
needs & goals. 

 Reformer Pilates 

Join us for this fun and challenging class where the principles of exercise science & pilates are seamlessly
fused together.

We utilise weights, cable machine, and pilates equipment (reformer, trapeze table, & Wunda chair)  to challenge your muscles and increase strength.
Muscle growth is the main goal.

Classes are either upper body or lower body focused. 

Reformer Pilates is a fun class that works the entire body utilising the pilates reformer and small equipment. 6 students max to ensure proper form and technique is maintained. If you are ready to feel and see your body transform, reformer is a great
place to start. All levels are welcome.

The shoulders are the most mobile joint in the human body. Although it is mobile it requires stability to remain functional and strong. This course is focused on creating healthy, strong shoulders. These clinical exercise courses are eligible for private health rebates.

 Rehab Series 

In this 5 week course we will strengthen the muscles of the core, back, and hips, we will learn to breathe better & why it is important for back pain, and learn strategies to manage or prevent future episodes of pain. These clinical exercise courses are eligible for private health rebates.

Over the 5 week course we will strengthen the muscles around the knees as well as the hips, feet, and core to help increase stability. You will learn strategies to keep your knees healthy & strong for the long term. These clinical exercise courses are eligible for private health rebates.

We have a large range of classes &
times on offer that are sure to meet your needs.

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I feel so much more flexible since starting the reformer pilates classes. I can actually touch my toes! Never thought that would happen. I feel good.  

Lyn Taylor

We have an amazing team of instructors and allied health practitioners who are passionate, caring, and experts in their fields.

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