Once we identify unhelpful coping strategies & processes from the past, we develop and embed efficient new processes & cognitive skills. Enhancing your control over thoughts, feelings & emotions.

Hypnotherapy is a specialised form of talk therapy that identifies unhelpful, unconscious processes.
By using hypnosis, I can help you arrive at the subconscious layer of your mind where these
processes take place and guide you to create change.

Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Currumbin

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

 Hypnotherapy can help with:

- Anxiety 
- Stress 
- Depression 
- Addiction 
- OCD 
- Chronic Pain 

- Phobias
- Panic Attacks 
- Unhealthy Habits
- Optimising Well-Being
- Improving Sleep
- Improving Self-Confidence 
- Aiding in Weight-loss

This specialised approach can provide transformational and lasting positive change to any individual experiencing an emotional, mental or physical disorder or condition.

Who Can It Help?

Rhythm is an all inclusive pilates and yoga studio located on the Gold Coast- providing you with physiotherapy, dietetics, exercise physiology, remedial massage and more to help you meet your
Health & Wellness Goals.

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